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16 Unique side hustles to consider in 2022



Side hustle

What are your financial goals?….What are your plans?
I guess you have set them all up for the year, probably your new year resolution. In order to achieve that goal or maybe Goals, the key is hustle! or you want to have a side hustle aside your main business just to make that vision a reality.

well a unique faster and safer way to overcome financial crisis is by starting a legit cash-flow side hustle that you can be able to squeeze time for in addition to your regular work routine !.

Well in this article, I will give you 16 unique best side hustle to start with from the comfort of your home, at your own leisure time these tips will help you maintain a steady cash-flow even though you consider it a side Hustle and doesn’t take it serious.

What are the benefits of having a side hustle

They are a lot of benefits of having a side hustle, having a side hustle means having multiple income which will boost your financial status, some are the benefits are outlined below

1: multiple stream of income

2:helps set aside savings

4: can give you financial freedom

5: something to hold on to when one business fails

you are probably asking if the side hustle are online or offline right? well truth is many legit and unique side hustles can be done online from the comfort of your home, while others might requires you leaving the house, whichever way just pick something you can manage and be consistent with your side hustles

1: become an online tutor;
if you are really good in English language, you could make a living teaching English online.

you don’t have to leave your home, neither do you need to leave your main job.

Sites like VIPkID and QKID and the likes of them allows you teach from the comfort of your home at your own time this could be considered a side Hustle

2 : Write an e-book ; Now this is my favourite! like I do this with passion, if you consider writer yourself a writer,
this is the best side hustle for you to go into and you will end up bagging $500-$1000 dollars every month selling your self-published works on Amazon.

3: Become a music tutor; For those of you who have that special skills or Talents of playing musical instruments, like keyboard,

piano,guitar strum, this is a side hustle that gives you joy while doing it,

all you have to do is get yourself involved with any local music group and start selling of your skills as a visual music tutor this is turning your passion into a profit instead of letting it stray

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4: Do Data Entry; I bet you wouldn’t doubt when I tell you this is a hot pick right? many organisations like companies and officers will pay you handsomely to accurately documents or digitise their handwriten information into a data-based digital system.

5: Take Surveys; Do you know that they are sites and apps that let you earn by taking surveys size classroom work box and ugly cash karma ytc they are loss of them all you just have to do is claim your points and convert to cash you would agree with me that this is a very simple and easy side hustle to consider

6 start up a WhatsApp TV this is one of the side hustles I called turning passion into profit imagine having your normal Cruise and fun on social media,

and yet being able to build a screaming cash flow out of it by gaining recognition and advertising for companies and individuals on your WhatsApp TV

7 become an Amazon affiliate I’m very sure on daily basis you refer one or two persons on a product,

what ig you get paid by doing just that as a side hustle this is a nice cashflow side hustle that pays all you need is register on Amazon get your link and persuade people to buy from your link it’s

8 become a sign spinner many businesses still hire people to hold signs at busy intersection for an hourly rate I consider this a unique Side of Life

9 become a proofreader they are sites that let you end by proofreading and correcting some grammatical errors even exist entrance essays for graduating college is High School seniors

10 become a virtual assistant as a virtual assistant what my skill will you have lunch or you know will be rewarded online all you need to do is create the krt factor which is ok equals to loan l equal to like and T equal to trust and trust me you are good to go

11 Ask questions on Quora; as weird as this might sound,

a lot of people are making cool cash asking and answering questions on Quora just find your niche and build your profile then watch the money flowing in as people engage with your questions and answer

12 Become an agent; how does it sound building a brand as an all skills agent, cool right?

well you can start up an agent firm as a side hustle and assemble some guys out there with skills who can knock out any job you book and then getting your commission in return . This won’t affect your main job

13 Create account with Kango; get to work with kidd with the Kango ride sharing and childcare app this is flexible easy and enjoyable side side hustle

14 Get hired as a wedding officiant; with this you don’t need to be a prophet priest or a clergyman/woman, you can get ordained online and end up bagging $100 – $1000 officiating weddings online on daily basis

15 transcribe interviews ; transcribing audio recording from sites like Transcribe anywhere is a cool and unique side hustle that could fetch you hundreds to thousands of Dollars at your own schedule and time from your comfort zone

16; Sell photos online this is what we do most of the time for fun about turning that phone to a cash flow system by selling your pictures online and making some little dough

They are just a lot of side hustles to start with just check what works for you and I into it.


Now that you have read this article and seen some of the high income side hustles, what do you think and would you like to add to the ones written in this article? Feel free to add your comments below.

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I am a personal finance coach, who finds joy in helping business owners and just anyone to live a successful financial life.

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