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A-Z Guides On Mini Importation 2022 – Introduction



Mini Importation

Probably have been sniffing around for legit and trusted guide on mini importation ? Well I have got you covered.

And in this article I am going to be showing you a complete and detailed guide on how to start a mini importation business in Nigeria.

With as little as 5,000 naira, you can begin to count in millions on mini importation business before the year runs out !

Did you read that well ? YES , your eyes are not deceiving you, Although you must know that mini importation just like other legit businesses, is not a ” GET RICH QUICK ” scheme ,

Although there are so many countries you can import from , like Turkey, China etc but for the purpose of this article I am going to be sharing a complete guide on Mini importation from China to Nigeria.

Here are the topics I am going to be covering in this article,

1: Introduction to mini importation

2: What is mini importation

3: Market Research

4: Practical guide on how to import from

5: NBC logistics Terms And Rates

6: List of hot selling products to import

7: Mistakes Many importers make and how to avoid them

8: How to deal with the Chinese products sourcing Agents

9:How to avoid inferior product


Introduction on how to start a mini importation business in Nigeria

The A-Z guide on mini importation is a sure guideline with practical aspect that will lead you by the
hand as you embark on your mini importation business.

Go through every lines of this article, read, read and reread even if you had to do it a hundred times just to make sure you understand everything from word to word,

and also use it as you take every step until you are sure you are
now a master in the business and I assure you success is sure for you.


Let’s talk about importation! Before we could talk about mini importation, we will first of all know what
importation is all about.

Importation of goods literally means the bringing in of goods or services into your country from
abroad for the purpose of selling.

An importer therefore, is a legal entity with the license to import
goods from abroad without queries from the custom officers.

However, we have mini importation which had made it possible to import goods from abroad with
your smart phone right from your bedroom without having license.

Mini importation as the name
implies, does not necessarily mean small scale importation. It all depends on the size of your wallet.

You can decide to import goods worth $1000 or $100 or even less. Yes that is the advantage of mini

Do A Market Research

If you must succeed in mini importation business, there are things to consider when starting a mini importation business,

• Do not import a product without first doing a market survey

• Online market research:

Engage Facebook post,Instagram post, WhatsApp status,Facebook ads,
you can even ask your friends, get to know what people are buying.

• Offline market research:

get to know what people in your locality, network and community are

You can even login to Facebook using the search icon, search for keywords like free
shipping, buy now and pay on delivery.

• Source for hot products :

Source for hot products by checking products with the highest number of engagement,
views,likes, shares, and comments.
• Check out big online stores

like Konga, Jumia and Jiji and find out if many are not selling it

• Avoid Aliexpress

Avoid buying from Aliexpress, their goods are very costly. Unless you want to go back to your village in no

• Use 1688 or

• Products on 1688 and Alibaba most times are ten times cheaper than similar products on
Aliexpress .

1688 is a website for local Chinese manufacturers who sell to the local market, so this is the only ideal site for mini importation from China to Nigeria.

Aliexpress on the other hand is a website for retailers selling to the international market.
Hence,the cause for the huge price.

But if you are looking to start mini importation from China to Nigeria, you must know that you can’t buy directly from
Because the contents of the site is written in China and it’s meant for the Chinese only.

Practical guide on how to start a mini importation business in Nigeria using your smart phone

If you are considering on how to start a mini importation business in Nigeria, or you are probably looking to start a mini importation from China to Nigeria, then
follow the practical steps below.

1. Go to your phone browser ,preferably chrome.

2. Search for , the site is in Chinese language

3. Click on the three doted lines, displayed
either at the top of your phone, or down and translate to English using google translator. Mini Importation

4. At the top of the site you will see a search Icon
Mini Importation
5. Search for the product you want and and copy link to your clipboard.

To copy the link,
long press the picture of the product, a list of options will be displayed on your screen, click
on copy link address , and paste on your note pad
Mini Importation

NBC logistics Rates And Terms

Now since you can’t buy directly from this is where a shipping Agent like NBC Logistics comes in,

Now after copying the product link, message any of the NBC Agents on WhatsApp and send them the

They will calculate the price of the item together with local shipping cost and give you the total in naira.

You will pay into NBC Account (Zenith bank) the Amount in naira. After that it will take 4-5 days from
local supplier to NBC warehouse in China.

It takes another 2 days for Express shipping to Nigeria and
Another 7-14 days for Normal shipping.

List Of Hot Selling Products To Import

Like I have said before, if you must succeed in mini importation business, You don’t just go on importing random products without making research.

Below is the list of hot selling products that could make you 100% profit

Health And Body Products

1. High blood pressure
2. Eye care products
3. Prostrate
4. Pregnancy test kits
5. Sleeplessness
6. Injury scars
7. Cellulite/ stretch mark removal
8. Wrinkle and aging
9. Hair loss/ Hair breakage
10. Beard products
11. Yellowing teeth
12. Yoni pearl ( you can make ×50 profit with this particular products and Is a very hot product in
the market now.

Electronics Gadgets

1. Power bank
2. USB flash
3. Phones
4. Earpiece
5. Memory cards
6. Smart wristwatches.
Fashion ItItems
1. Bags
2. Sunglasses
3. Wristwatches
4. shoes

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Mistakes many importers make and how to avoid them

Once the name importation is heard or spoken, many people would think it requires a whole lot of

But seriously that’s not the case like I said before, It all depends on your wallet and am saying it

1. Do not make the mistake of not doing market research, import products that people are hungry
to buy

2. Take your time: I will advice you start very small so as to be sure your research are accurate, for
example what people in my locality are buying might not be the same with your locality.

So your first import should be for research purpose.

3. Don’t go into many niches as a first timer, start with a particular product, then go on to advertise other
products you may want to go into.

Then see how many people needs it before going into that
niche. Focus on a particular niche till you become a Focus yourself!

4. Don’t import a product you like, rather import products that people are hungry for.

5. Don’t import heavy products, to avoid high shipping costs. A good product must be less than 1kg, except you are importing on demand

6. Do not import high cost product. The best products are products that sell for less than $5 which
you can be able to make 100% to 500% profit.

7. Don’t import products that are common and easy to source. Go for rarely seen products

8. Don’t import products in bulk in your first experience with your supplier, this is a very costly
mistake most newbies make,

consider buying in small quantity to determine the originality of the
product and the rate at which people demands for it.

Dealing With The Chinese Products Selling Agent. Like NBC

1. There are different time zone, and China is a big country with different time zones

2. If you don’t get a response on time after messaging the agents, it’s possible they missed your
message so go ahead and contact them again.

3. They are more inclined to respond on WhatsApp or Wechat

4. PATIENCE! You need to be patient after messaging, if you’re not the patient type you might easily
get irritated or frustrated and probably give up.

And that is why you need to be patient, It’s
possible the agent has tons of messages to reply to,but one thing am sure of is that she will surely

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How To Avoid Importing inferior products

Generally, 1688 has high quality products because it’s a website for local Chinese buyers with the
option to return products.

So to avoid importing inferior goods, follow the steps below

1. Check for customers reviews of the product

2. Beware of manufacturers whose products are remarkably cheaper compare to others

3. Try to import a few samples of the items first before importing in bulk to taste the originality
and how hot the product is in the market.


Now having gone through this article, my question is are you ready to embark on this journey? Are you
ready to make use of your new found knowledge?

Are you ready to change your financial status? The ball is in your court,

you can decide to take the bold step or shove this article or scroll down , you can also decide to do things your own way.

But whatever option
you choose, Remember Always

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A-Z Guides On Mini Importation

Final Words

Now that you have seen this complete guide! What’s your take?

Was it helpful? Have you started already, Or are you still contemplating ?

If you have started what’s your experience like ? Let us know in the comment section.

I am a personal finance coach, who finds joy in helping business owners and just anyone to live a successful financial life.

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