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Access Bank USSD Code

How to Activate Access Bank Transfer Code 2022

Access Bank is unopposdly one of the best Banks in Nigeria with good customer service and lots of customers, so in other to reach out and satisfy their numerous customers without much stress and time wasting, they also imply the mobile banking/USSD service.
Just like other Banks USSD services in Nigeria, the Access Bank Transfer code works just perfectly fine. The USSD / Mobile banking services allows all legible account holders perform at least 97% banking transactions irrespective of your kind of phone.

The mobile banking/USSD service is quite time saving and stress-free as it allows customers to perform most transactions even in the comfort of their homes without having to stand in an annoying queue for a leg breaking period of time

Since the introduction of mobile banking / USSD services, making transaction from one bank to another has been made very easy , stay tuned as I give you a detailed explanation on how to use the Access Bank USSD to make certain transactions like, Making
.Access to Access Bank transfers
.Access to other Banks transfers
.Buying Airtime
.Checking Account balance and lot more.

Can I Trust Access Bank with my Money?

Sure thing! Access Bank is one of the old and large Banks in Nigeria with good customer reviews. Their profile shows they has over 600 branches, numerous assets, and physical offices.

Access Bank Recently merged with Diamond bank of Nigeria thus now Access Diamond PLC. And for the records, Access bank is a full-service commercial bank operating through a network of more than 600 branches and service outlets, in 3 continents, 12 countries, and 36 million customers.

What Else Can I Do With Access Bank Codes

Just so you know, Access Bank Mobile banking / USSD services doesn’t only revolves around sending money, it has so many other services which you can also perform with the code

Here is the list of transactions you can perform with Access Bank Codes

1:Transfer money from Access bank to Access bank

2: Transfer from Access bank to another bank in Nigeria.

3:Buy Airtime

4:Check Balance

5:Pay utility Bills

6:Check bank statement

7:Check account number

8:Pay Merchants

Is there any special requirements to access the Access bank USSD code?

The only requirement needed to activate your USSD is your mobile number which is linked to your account, Network and ATM card no hidden fees at all.

Step By Step On How To Activate Access Bank Transfer Code

1:To activate Accessbank Mobile banking/USSD code, Dial *901#, with your selected sim,

2: Input your account details, that is your account number and name, enter the last four digits and last 6 digits at the back side of your ATM card respectively.

If you want to transfer money to other Access bank accounts.

Dial 9011AMOUNTNUBAN Account Number#. The service attracts ₦20 charge

To transfer from Access bank to other banks aside access bank: Dial 9012AMOUNTNUBAN Account Number#. The service attracts ₦50 + ₦2.50 (VAT) charges

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Access Bank USSD Code

Airtime for self: 901Amount#
Airtime for others: 901Amount*Phone Number#
Account Opening: *901*0#
Data Purchase: *901*8#
Balance Enquiry: *901*5#
Fund Transfer to Access Bank: *9011Amount*Account Number#
Finance Transfer to Other Banks: *9012Amount*Account Number#
Merchant Payment: *9013Amount*Merchant Code#
Bill Payment: *901*3#
OTP Generation: *90141#

Are There any charges for each of this transactions?

Yes some charges may apply for the use of this services, below is the list of services and their charges.

Airtime for others Free
Account Opening Free
Data Purchase Free
Balance Enquiry Free
Finance Transfer to Access Bank Free
Finance Transfer to Other Banks N80+N4.00(VAT)
Merchant Payment Free
Bill Payment Free
OTP Generation Free

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Access bank recharge code

The USSD code / mobile banking services has made it easy to recharge your phone from your account. You don’t need to walk down to the market or street all the time yo vendors shop in search of recharge pin. You can actually use your phone to buy airtime, anytime and any where

You can also use the code to recharge for family, friends even enemies. This service is totally free, this means that there is no hidden fees what’sever is involved.

To buy airtime to registered phone number with access bank ( phone number used to open Access bank account) 901amount#, example: 901200#.
If you want to recharge unregistered phone number ( phone number not used to open Access bank account) with your registered phone number dial 901amount*phone number# example: *90120008104128059#
This service is not restricted to a telecommunication network. It is available for Glo, MTN, Airtel, and 9mobile subscribers. Enjoy Access bank code for mobile banking.

Access Bank USSD Code Bills Payment

With mobile banking, you can easily pay electricity and other bills directly from your access bank account. You can pay for cable dish and other merchant bills and services like DStv, Gotv, Smile, and more.

To enjoy the service dial 9013# and follow the instructions that appear on the screen.
How to send money with Access bank Transfer code
Dial 9011AmountAccount Number# from your mobile phone and authenticate with the last 4-digits of your BVN.

To transfer money from Access Bank to other Banks in Nigeria, Dial 9012AmountAccount Number# from your phone. Although a service fee of N84 which includes an N4 VAT will be charged.


This is a complete guide on how to use the Access Bank Mobile / USSD code services. What is your view on this article?

I am a personal finance coach, who finds joy in helping business owners and just anyone to live a successful financial life.

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