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11 Best Money Saving Apps in Nigeria



Money-saving apps in Nigeria can make the saving process more enjoyable and easy.
And With the cost of living increasing in Nigeria, it is almost impossible to think about saving money. However, we have a list of best money saving apps in Nigeria to make the journey an easy one.

Also, with the help of application backup, I’m sure the saving routine has become much easier. If you are a salaried employee or business owner with a monthly income, you may be tempted to spend recklessly without remembering to save for rainy days.

Savings App lets you work with technology and data to calculate interest on savings over time . Most of this best money-saving apps in Nigeria mentioned in this article provide an investment platform that allows you to invest easily and earn interest. This is one of the best ways to develop the habit of saving.

Nevertheless , many platforms can help you save money, but the big question is “are these money-saving platforms legit?”.

Can you comfortably save your hard earned money on these apps without any cost to bother?

Can you go to bed every night knowing your money is safe?

Maybe you have already planned the best money savings apps in Nigeria to start saving your money, this article will guide you in making a decision.
These money-saving apps are legal and registered and approved by most financial regulators in Nigeria like the Central Bank Of Nigeria (CBN).

Top 10 Best Money Saving Apps In Nigeria

Here are the top 10 best money-saving apps in Nigeria to use:

1. Piggyvest

2. Cowrywise

3. Vestpay

4. Kolopay

5. Kuda Bank

6. Sumo Bank

7. Trove

8. Carbon

9. Alat

10. Kudi


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Best money saving apps in Nigeria
Piggyvest is one of the best savings app in Nigeria it is Ideal for savings and investment options. Piggyvest was formerly known as Piggybank. It is the first online savings platform in Nigeria and the whole of West Africa.

This platform has improved the lives of most Nigerians, infusing them with a lifestyle of savings and good investments, just by clicking buttons on their mobile phones.
You don’t even have to queue and queue for hours to get access to this platform.
It was made quite easy and accessible to everyone. For 3 years, PiggyVest only offered savings options to users, but at the end of 2019 after rebranding, the great platform now offers direct investment opportunities for users, not just savings which makes it unique.

PiggyVest is one of the best auto check-in apps in Nigeria that can be 100% trusted. It can be recommended to other Nigerians who want to start their savings journey. scamming on this platform is totally impossible so you have the least to worry about. More than 1 billion nairas are saved by Nigerians monthly on this platform.

The most interesting part of using this platform for savings is that it offers a savings interest rate of 10-15%.
They also offer around 25% return on each registered customer investment, plus other cool and amazing features. With 400,000 users feeling comfortable with this savings app, the platform is certainly trusted by a lot of people. That’s reasoning enough for you to use the PiggyVest app.

The app is available for download on the Apple Store and Google Play Store. You can also visit to create an account with them.
In addition, PiggyVest users save money they would normally want to spend. They also have a referral program where you earn money by referring family and friends to use the app this is solely to encourage Nigerians to embrace the saving habit.


Best money saving apps in Nigeria
Cowrywise is also one of the best savings apps in Nigeria The simplicity features of the apps makes it unique.
Cowrywise is an outstanding money-saving app that makes it easy to plan, save and invest money. Interestingly, the platform has an interest calculator that determines earnings for a specific period.

Cowrywise has some nice and simple features and some of them include:

i. Regular Savings

With this app, it is very easy to save daily, weekly, or even monthly for as little as 3 months.
This can only be specified once when setting up your plan and Cowrywise will ensure that the money is easily saved on specific dates in your Cowrywise savings plan.

ii. Savings Circles

This feature allows you to easily set up your savings goals for everyone. It’s like a savings challenge that everyone can join.

iii. Halal Savings

This is a 100% interest-free savings program. This is a plan specially designed for Muslims who do not want to earn interest on their savings.

With this saving plan, you can be assured that you won’t receive any interest profit once you’ve concluded your savings circle.

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Best money saving apps in Nigeria
Vestpay best savings app in Nigeria is Great for Goal Setting
The vestpay is a 100% tested and trusted savings and investment app that instills in us a culture of sensible savings, great investment opportunities, and great wealth creation relevant to the country we live in.

The app helps you to spend money wisely because you will always think about the future.
Best pay offers 15% of your target savings and a wide range of investment opportunities that you can freely choose from.

Vestpay features

.You can subscribe regularly
This function allows you to freely define your preferred subscription method. It can be monthly, weekly, or daily. The goal is to have a better life.
by matching your savings.

. Fixed Deposit
This other function allows you to save for a specific goal. The goal could be rent, tuition, food, etc.


Best money saving apps in Nigeria

Kolopay is an Ideal money saving apps for crowdfunding
Kolopay is a digital version of the traditional piggy bank commonly known as a “kolo”.
Which completes with the “pay” suffix, it’s pretty easy to guess that it’s good savings and investment platform from its name.

This is a mobile app that saves you more money than you think. And the platform is also 100% free.
In addition, you have the opportunity to earn 10% annual interest on your total savings when your goals are blocked.

This app also has some very different and unique features, including automatically saving a fixed amount daily, monthly, weekly, or even yearly. The Kolopay feature also makes it easier for you to share apps with friends and family, which also helps with crowdfunding.

Kuda Bank

Best money saving apps in Nigeria

Kuda Bank is not just unique, it’s also one of the best money saving apps in Nigeria, it also operates as a free commercial and digital bank with a microfinance banking license from the Central Bank of Nigeria.

This implies that the kuda bank is 100% Trusted
Kuda Bank simply helps you track your spending habits, allowing you to save more and be more intentional in your financial decisions.
Let me burst your bubble, did you know that “Kuda Bank unlike your commercial banks offers up to 25 free transfers to other banks every month” Oh right, that’s why you shouldn’t sleep on it.
Kuda also offers annual interest up to 15% on your total savings. Isn’t that a great offer?
It also has outstanding features such as:

i. Flexible Savings

Flexible Savings can allow you to save according to your goals and earn up to 10% interest at the same time.
ii. Fixed savings
Fixed savings are quite different from flexible savings. With this, you can earn up to 15% interest for a fixed period.

Sumo Bank (Sumo Trust)

Best money saving apps in Nigeria

Sumotrust is Best for Optimizing Savings Decision
This is another highly recommended and best money savings app in Nigeria that you can never go wrong.
Sumo Trust is an app carefully designed to help Nigerians manage their income wisely. It can also be used for savings and investments. The choice is yours.

With Sumo Trust, there are three monetization plans that I will discuss in detail below, and they include;

i.Main Savings

This plan gives users the freedom to choose to save on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis.
With this plan, you cannot refuse at will. Withdrawals can only be made on the specified withdrawal dates. The bonus for this plan is 10% per year.

ii. Fixed Savings

This amazing plan will get you rid of the money you have saved for a year. And it gives you the chance to earn up to 15% profit every year.

iii. Saving Mission

This plan has been carefully designed for users whose projects need to be completed within a specific timeframe. You will need to set a target amount to reach and then start saving until the goal is reached.
What you need to know is that this account does not earn any favorable interest.


Best money saving apps in Nigeria

Trove money saving app is best for International Savings and Investments It is one of the best investment savings apps in Nigeria that not only helps Nigerians save but also invest in foreign businesses.

Amazingly, this app gives Nigerians quick access to investment opportunities in countries like the US and China.
You can invest as little as 1000 naira, that’s amazing, isn’t it?
With this app, you have no reason to take a step back from your investment. The Trove app comes with a massive 256-bit encryption system, along with other advanced security technologies that are geared towards protecting users’ sensitive data from intruders.

Trove Features

. You can invest as little as 1000 naira
.256-bit encryption system
Technical summaries and market quotes
.Available for Android and iOS installation.


Best money saving apps in Nigeria

Carbon is not only for savings, it also allows loan. Carbon is a multi-dimensional investment app as it provides different types of services. This is one of the best loan apps in Nigeria that allows Nigerians to get loans up to 1 million Naira without collateral. Yes, no assurance is needed.
Also, you can use this app to save money for a specific goal.


.Ultimate security
.You can invest as little as naira.
.With this app, you can earn interest up to 16%/year.

Alat By Wema Bank

Best Money saving apps in Nigeria ia

Alat is yet another Saving and Investment App, Alat App is a subsidy from Wema bank to meet the needs of customers in the modern digital age. The
Alat savings app has come with lots of great features including the ability for users to create a savings goal and help them create an enviable saving habit.

They also give you access to create a digital account using your smartphone. Your BVN will be needed, along with other details.

Kudi best money saving app in Nigeria

Best money saving apps in nigeria

Kudi is best for Savings & Bill Payment App, if this is your first time coming across this word, I’ll tell you all about it.
Kudi simply means “money” in Hausa. And that is exactly the purpose of the platform.
This savings app is not only used for saving but also can be used for super-fast money transfers, subscriber bill payments, electricity bills, datapurchasesse, etc.
And yes, you can do it all in one app.

How does the Application Subscription work?

The savings app is designed to encourage saving habits. You set a goal, saving frequency, time, and amount of savings from your account and the app will do the magic. These savings will give you interest over time and you can withdraw them on fixed dates.

Is the registration application safe?

The savings app is designed with the best technology in mind and leverages your investment data to calculate your return on investment. They are safe to use, especially the ones we recommend in this blog post.


Best money saving apps in nigeria
Dataway is another money saving platform that also grant loans application without collateral. Although Dataway started as a data reselling and merchant vending platform, but later in 2021 it introduced the saving and loaning feature which encourages users to save money for rainy days.

Good enough you can save as little as 1000 naira and except a 3% interest depending on the duration, plus there are so many money making features on the platform. It is 100% tested and trusted.

Final Verdict

The importance of creating a good savings habit cannot be overstated. Your savings will always come in handy in times of financial emergency and in addition, it improves the economic growth of any country.
You also have to be careful because money is not so easy to earn. Also, take your time and make sure you’re using a legitimate platform to save money.
When it comes to saving, no amount is too small to save. We hope this list of the most money-saving apps in Nigeria helps you to make the right decision.
Develop a good saving habit today!

I am a personal finance coach, who finds joy in helping business owners and just anyone to live a successful financial life.

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