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15 Best paying jobs in miscellaneous



Best paying jobs in miscellaneous


Although people don’t seem to know, but there are most jobs in miscellaneous that pays pretty much. In this article we have gathered a list of best paying jobs in miscellaneous.

Although the list are just so numerous, but for the purpose of this article we will base mainly on computer network architects which is currently a hot trend in the miscellaneous industry.

15 best paying jobs in miscellaneous

1. Helpers, construction trades – Working in construction trades as a helper will fetch in about $29,790 on a yearly basis.

2. General maintenance and repair workers – The estimated salary for general maintenance and repair workers in a year is approximately $37,090.

3. Bartenders – Although the estimated earning of a bartender may have to vary from the years of experience to location, but a Bartenders typically make between $18k-26k in a year.

4. Carpenters – Surprisingly, Carpenters earn about $44,060 in a single year.

5. Taxi drivers and chauffeurs – Albeit you wouldn’t believe it if you are told that Taxi drivers and chauffeurs make a basic income of $24,300 every single year.

6. Emergency medical technicians (EMTs) – you wouldn’t be surprised though that EMTs earn a regular yearly income of $34,320.

7. Pest control workers – Pest control workers earn approximately $17.34 per hour, or $36,080 every year.

8. Flight Attendants – According to US Bureau of Labour Statics, people who works as flight attendants earn an average of $44,860 in a year.

9. Psychiatrist are the best paying jobs in miscellaneous.
They earn an average salary of $44,860 or more in a year.

10. HVACR technicians – Technicians earns an average of about $48,730 annauly.

11. Hairdresser, hairstylists – This could come as a surprise,but yes a regular hairdresser earns about a $25k in a single year. They commonly work 40 hours or less per week.

12. Advertisers – According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Americans who work in Advertising and other similar jobs, earns roughly about $57,270 every year.

13. Civil Engineers – “Well this is a good profession after all” you might well say and yes you are right, this folks earns about $57,430 in a year

14. State And Local Tax Agents – State and Local tax revenue agents earns roughly about $44,900 as their median salary in a year.

15. Computer Network Architects –
Computer network architects are responsible for designing and maintaining computer networks.

They develop and implement new technology as well as analyze existing systems in order to make them more efficient.

Computer network architect is one of the most lucrative jobs in the world. It’s also a high demand job and it requires great responsibility.

Computer network architects have to deal with many different systems, from the big ones like Amazon and Google to small businesses that use cloud computing services like Dropbox or Salesforce.

They have to make sure that all these systems work together so they don’t crash when someone tries to access them at once!

The salary for computer network architects can range anywhere from $100k+ but most earn around $150k per year (this includes bonuses).

Average salary $109,020

The average salary for the miscellaneous Jobs is $109,020.

If you have a bachelor’s degree or higher, then your expected salary will be higher than if you had only a high school diploma.


A computer network architect is a professional who designs and implements computer networks. The job demands high levels of creativity, analytical skills and good communication skills.

Computer network architects are needed in many different industries around the world, such as finance or healthcare.

They work on projects that involve designing and installing new systems so they can make sure they meet all their requirements before they go live.

I am a personal finance coach, who finds joy in helping business owners and just anyone to live a successful financial life.

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