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Is cashearnerz legit – Cashearnerz Review 2022




Hey! Lovers of making money online (MMO) platforms I just found another platform for m cashearnerz and as usual after careful research am bringing in a cashearnerz review right here on finance guide, and as it has always been our job to make research and guide you on the right platforms to invest your hard earned money without mistakes.

Well am not the type to jump into conclusion, but I have seen proofs of payment from close friends and business pals, this isn’t to say that they are legit or scam though. But by the end of this review we will reveal everything you should know about cashearnerz.

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Is cashearnerz legit?

Well, cashearnerz is just one of those platforms online that promise to pay members for just performing simple tasks online, they claim it is built by a team of professional digital marketers who have the interest of their users at heart.

The site portrays that any member could be making at least 10,000 nairas daily and at least 50,000 weekly or even more as an affiliate. Sounds cool and promising right? I guess so. Well am not the type to jump to conclusions, but as of the time of writing this cashearnerz review, I can say that the platform is legit.

All About cashearnerz?

CASHEARNERZ is a make-money-online media platform where you’re paid for Making clicks on posts, Commenting on posts, and Sharing daily Sponsored Post to your Social media account, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc

Although this platform was created late in 2021 with the aim and vision to eradicate and put an end to financial difficulties, create a convenient job online, And help all its members make money without stress, no matter the financial state of the Nigerian economy.

This site seems promising as it claims to offer its members a free ebook guide on how to make over 100,000 nairas weekly on their platform, they also claim users can learn at least 6 digital kills worth 50,000 for free.

How does cashearnerz work

Cashearnerz work in a very simple way, thanks to the design, users can easily work on the platform without having a hard time.

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How To Earn On Cashearnerz

Earning on cashearnerz is unlimited as there are so many ways to earn on the platform, with a one-time registration fee, you are eligible to start earning massively on cash earners. The mode of earning is listed below.

I. Once you register on cash earners, you get a signup bonus of 1500 naira for becoming a recognized member

ii. You earn 200 nairas for sharing daily sponsored posts on your social media accounts.

iii. You earn 150 nairas for a daily log-in to the cashearnerz site.

iv. You earn 20 nairas for reading news on the site

v. Commenting on articles is 20 naira

There are other Inducements on the site which make it unique among others and they include 500 nairas Spillover Earning, 500MB to 2GB Free data, and many more

You also get to earn 2000 per each person that registers using your Referral link, although the program is optional

The registration fee is a penny of ₦3,000 (No Risk, No Reward)

Mode Of Cashing Out On CASHEARNERZyou get paid all your Earnings with or Withoutⁿ]] Referrals

All Earners can place withdrawals and get paid daily with a minimum of 3900 nairas, as an affiliate.

Doing your activities just in a week can easily generate you ₦50,000 that is if you are consistence and ready to make money

Now, let’s calculate how much you can be Earning On CASHEARNERZ.

Welcome bonus – ₦1,500.

Daily login – ₦150 × 30 days = ₦4,500.

.Sponsored posts – ₦200 × 30 days = ₦6,000.

*Clicking on posts on the site – ₦20. If you click up to 20 articles that’s ₦400 × 30 days = ₦12,000.

.Commenting on posts – ₦20. Let’s say you comment only on 20 posts, that’s – ₦400 × 30 days = ₦12,000.

.Spillover Earning – ₦500 x 30 days = ₦15,000

.In TOTAL You’re making – ₦51,000 that can be withdrawn Without Any Referral.

.But wait, how about referring? , Referring to people on the cashearnerz is optional.

. Referring people – ₦2,000. If You register two persons daily, That is – ₦4,000 × 30 days = ₦120,000

How to register for cashearnerz

Anyone and anybody can register on cash earners, so as long as you have a smartphone or laptop, and an internet connection.

Although the company imposes a one-time registration fee of 3000 to buy a coupon code, after registration, they refund back 50% of the fee.

To register, head on to your browser and search for cashearnerz or click here to visit their website, now there Is a navigation bar at the top left corner, click on it and scroll down to the “Buy A Coupon” option, choose one of the vendors and chat them up on WhatsApp to pay for the coupon code, after that go back to cashearnerz official website and click on register, you will be redirected to a page where you will fill in your details such as your name, address, phone number, email password, and coupon code. After filling out the form, hit on the signup button to redirect you to your dashboard.

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Cashearnerz login

Cashearnerz is designed in such a simple way that the features can easily be accessed by members. To login simply visit the website, locate and click on the sign-in button, enter your username and password on the form provided then click on sign in to be redirected to your dashboard.

How do I withdraw my money on cashearnerz?

Withdrawing on cashearnerz is quite easy, and is both for affiliate and activities earning no restrictions whatsoever.

For Affiliate earners, withdrawal is every day as long as you have reached the minimum threshold of 4,000 nairas. And for nonaffiliate earners withdrawal is on the 25th of every month as long as you reached the minimum threshold of 10,000.


Now you have seen my honest review about cash earners, like I have always said am not the type to jump to conclusion, but cashearnerz is paying for now but one thing you should know is that all this make money online doesn’t last forever, they are bound to crash at any time.

The fact that I didn’t label it a scam doesn’t necessarily mean there is a 100% guarantee that you will get paid.

Final verdict

Was this helpful?

Please if you are a registered member of cashearnerz we will like to hear your experience in the comment box.

I am a personal finance coach, who finds joy in helping business owners and just anyone to live a successful financial life.

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