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CPA Marketing For Beginners 2022



CPA marketing

What is CPA marketing ?
the term CPA stands for cost-per-action , according to research  CPA marketing is one of the legit and popular ways of making money on the internet these days,

CPA marketing is a very simple and easy way with little task one can make money with, but frankly speaking it requires smart strategies,

you get paid when someone clicks on youlAffiliate link and complete an action the action could be

1:providing an email address 2:signing up for a free trial of a      product
3:downloading a mobile app
4: making a call
5: requesting a quote

  Is CPA marketing same as affiliate marketing?

if you are asking if CPA marketing is the same thing as affiliate marketing the answer is a typical NO, unlike affiliate marketing where you must make a sale to earn commission,

CPA marketing only requires a click from your Affiliate link and an action which is very cool as  CPA marketing works on lead generation.

   How to sign up for a CPAGrip for free.

To get started with CPAGrip, go to
click on join now, another page will open asking you to click on join CPAGrip, click on the button and wait for a minute for it to sign up,

A form will pop up, fill the form by adding your

CPA marketing
company, the company can be anything, you don’t necessarily have to own a company then add add your website, you can use any website at all if you don’t own any just go to YouTube or Google and copy out any website link and paste or you can just think of any website at all and paste.

Input your address in the address box,
your country,
Skype name
email address and a password note choose a hard to guess but easy to remember passwords for security reasons then your time zone as a Nigerian your time zone should be GMT + 1, then verify the recaptcha to prove you are a human and not a robot.

  After that scroll down a bit read and accept the terms of  service then hit the Register button.

It will direct you to another page which shows your account has been registered then head over to your email to check the verification link,

click on the link it will direct you back to the cpagrip account showing that your email has been successfully verified, then you can easily log into your publishers account.

After that go to the payment Centre to set up your payment method,they are different payment methods you can use to cash out your earnings but I will advise you use either a papal or a Payoneer account.

Now that you have finished creating your account you need to look for something valuable that you can give out to the audience so that they can complete a task/offer using your link,

you can use a movie, music, or even an ebook. Just something people will love just make research on what people are doing but from my own research movies convert a lot more better,

this is because people loves watching videos especially short videos but whatever strategy you are using just make sure you do well research.

  Step by step on how to create an ebook offer on CPAGRIP

  follow the steps for e-books, you don’t necessarily have to create the ebook, music or movies you can get other people’s contents, for example if you are using an eBook there’s a site that allows you to download free private liability right ebooks,

just go to your browser and search for free PLR ebooks, since you are looking for something valuable you can dish out, you can search for personal finance books health tips or weight loss books, these are hot niche people are searching for.

Once you have found an ideal book, click on it and download after downloading is going to show in your phone folder/file, extract the file and upload on your Google Drive or Dropbox so that people can be able to download the book when you share with them.

   After  uploading copy out the link then head over to your phone or Laptop notepad and paste the link then go to your browser and search for CPAGRIP template and find a template you can use to post a CPA offer,

after choosing a suitable template preferable use a free eBook download and landing page template, then go back to your cpagrip account and click on monetization tools,

select URL file Locker then what you need to do is to create URL file Locker then read and agree to the terms of service (very important) and click on the continue button,

go to the  HTML code on the CPAGRIP template and copy out the HTML code then back to the CPAGRIP account delete the HTML code on the right and paste the one from the template which you have copied,

then go back again to the CPA group template scroll up and copy the CSS code go back to the CPAGrip account  copy out and delete the code and also paste the one from the template,

after that go to the website called sign up for an  account (not Mandatory) and choose photos/videos go to the file you downloaded earlier from PLR,

go to the cover and  choose the cover of the book click the shared link that is the third link then go back to your account on CPAGRIP  highlight the code and look for imgur ,

highlight and cut out the code then input the link you copied out  the ebook cover you have chosen will appear on your screen on the ebook cover icon on the account, let’s assume the name of the ebook is keys to a personal finance life,

the name on your CPAGRIP account won’t be the same so you are going to change it to Match the name on your eBook now you go back to the HTML code on the right if you are using PC, use control V control F to  easily search,

but for mobile phone go through the code and you will see a section “how to make money” change it to the name of your eBook “keys to Personal Finance life”

then on the number 2 showing the MB storage kindly change or rather compress to lower storage so that people wont be afraid of downloading your your eBook. Change the mb to 3 or 4,

then on the third list  showing when the eBook was uploaded change it to make it look new after that change the green button showing “begin download” to “download now” or you can also leave it that way,

remember your aim is to offer an enticing value so people could complete a task on your CPAGRIP offer, after that refresh the page and see your changes then on the page written complete an offer change it to “verify you are not a robot to continue” you can add as many offers / task as you want,

so your aundience can always choose on which offer they want,  then go to your notepad copy out the link you pasted earlier then head over to  to shorten the link then back to your CPAGRIP account control-c paste the link you have shorthened,

then hit on the create button after creating go ahead and customise your URL to your eBook name then click on the share button and your link will automatically change. this link is what you are going to be sending to people to complete a task.

And hey avoid third class country, target countries like the UK, and USA to get a greater commission.

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