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Cubikix Review – Is Cubikix legit ?



CUBIKIX, is Cubikix legit, Cubikix review

Here is another newly launched make money online platform CUBIKIX with same promise of earning huge money online by just performing simple tasks. So is Cubikix legit? This Cubikix Review will tell you everything you need to know.

Same old stories, you know, of course as a newly launched website you can’t really tell for now, but the site claimed to have paid out over 15 million naira to it’s members.


Cubikix is a transparent social media marketplace, built for the uses of digital business sales, logistics, marketing of products and services.

Cubikix is also known for her combination of affiliate program grouped with advertising agency.


With a one time Registration fee of N2500, you become a full member at Cubikix, and earning starts immediately.

Here is a breakdown of how to earn on Cubikix.

Referral Bonus N1500 – that means you earn N1500 for each person that registers through your referral link, and the number of person you can refer is not limited.

Indirect Referral Bonus N200 – This is the unique part of it, when your downline refers someone, you automatically earns N200.

Now imagine if you can refer up to 10 people, and each of the 10 downlines are able to refer up to 10 different people, now that’s you making a whole lot of money , this sounds cool right? Sure it is.

Watch a Video N50x5=250 this means you can watch a maximum of 5 videos a day at the rate of N50

Monthly Renewal Bonus N200

Daily Contract N25x3=75

Follow and Likes N75

Sponsored post N100

You get a WhatsApp marketing PDF course worth N20,000 for free.

How Do I earn on Cubikix?

Unlike most platforms that rewards members with points, CUBIKIX pays directly in NAIRA not point

Your total daily activities earnings is N500 just by performing some simple task on the platform 500×30=15,000 monthly which you will get paid directly to your bank account without any referral

by month end you can choose to still continue earning on the platform or withdraw your total money

But the platform claims they pay members without refferals, now that is a win win.

How Do I withdraw from Cubikix?

You can withdraw both affiliate and activities earning directly into your local bank accounts once you have reached the minimum threshold of N5000 for activities earning and N4,500 for affiliate earning.

Payout process – Activity earning payment is on every 15th and 30th day of the month. And you must have reached the minimum total payout of 5,000 Naira( not points) to be able to seek for withdrawal.

However, if you happen to miss out on any daily task it’s a minus from your total payout, as you are expected to perform task everyday.

For Referral earners – Payment is on every Tuesdays and Saturdays with the minimum of N4,500.

And payment is instant except for network issues.

However, You should know that the company unlike others doesn’t make the fake promises of making you rich overnight, however, they have stated that working as a member of cubikix is an added advantage to your income.

So you can actually consider cubikix as a side business for peanuts money.

So is cubikix legit?

Probably yes, although the company is new and seem promising but don’t put all your mind in it, you might get disappointed.

This isn’t to say the company is legit or scam though, especially as they have been proof of payments but anything can happen.

Such sites like this never last long anyway, they just come and go. What am I saying? Human beings do come and go anyways, LOL.

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How Do I Register? Cubikix Login

To register on cubikix, simply visit their site by Clicking here you will be redirected to their official website.

Then fill in your full details in the registration portal then go ahead to click on sign up.

You will be redirected to your dashboard immediately where you can now have full access to the site and starts building your little income.

Always logout after the days activities and login the next day with your correct details like password and username so you can earn your daily login bonus without issues.

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Cubikix do pay, but there is a huge probability that it’s only for the time being, it may crash just like the rest of them.

However, this isn’t to say that this cubikix review is 100 percent accurate, but we are sure of at least 98 percent accuracy.

So have made your own research? What do you think about this article? Are you a member of cubikix? How is the site? Have you ever withdrawed from the site?

Let’s hear you in the comment section we might as well publish your replies in the article.

I am a personal finance coach, who finds joy in helping business owners and just anyone to live a successful financial life.

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