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Dataway Review 2022 | Scam Or legit




Guess what I have been using this platform” dataway ” since last year and I never for once found reasons for regret and I think it’s wise to share to my audience  so they can start bagging in some cash too *winks*

  If you buy data to browse Internet daily, then you should subscribe to Dataway and stop wasting money.

      What is dataway?

Dataway is a vending platform that offers virtual products such as mobile data/airtime, internet subscriptions, bill payment, electricity, Cable TV, and more.

They also provide earning opportunities to their subscribers with extra cash of 50% referral commission + Free internet data and monthly rewards.

Dataway is owned by Unique Way Enterprise. A registered company under CAC BN – 3175683

Dataway vending platform is built for both resellers and subscribers, while they also offer earning opportunities and affordable services to Nigerians.

Anyone can purchase and resell any of their  products, including mobile data/airtime and bill payment.

They have also set aside a fixed subscription fee of only ₦2,000 monthly for  subscribers who wish to become their Affiliate and participate in their earning opportunities with the below plan.

Don’t worry even if your supscription expires, you still have access to your dashboard as a member.

1st Month Subscription 2000MB cost ₦2,000

On your first Month’s subscription, dataway offer you earning opportunities and valuable data of 2000 megabytes/2GB.

At the same time, your referral gets a ₦1,000 referral cash bonus and a 1000 megabyte/1GB data bonus.

If you also choose to promote  and refer more subscribers to the platform, you will also earn a ₦1,000 referral cash bonus and 1GB extra data per referral only on MTN service for now.

2nd Month Subscription 4000MB cost ₦2,000

On your renewal for a second-month subscription, dataway offer you earning opportunities and valuable data of 4000 megabyte/4GB, while your referral gets a 1000 megabytes/1GB data bonus.

If you also refer a subscriber to the platform who renews his or her subscription, you will also get 1GB extra data only on MTN service for now.

From 3rd Month Subscription 6000MB cost ₦2,000

From your renewal of a third-month subscription and beyond, dataway offer you earning opportunities and valuable data of 6000 megabyte/6GB, which is the actual value for your subscription fee of ₦2,000 monthly.

This is more affordable than buying a 6GB data bundle directly from MTN, costing you ₦2500 valid for 30 days.

However, you will get less value of the subscription fee in the first two months because dataway offer you earning opportunities and paying your referral.

While you enjoy the complete offer from the third month and beyond, If you choose to promote the platform and continue referring subscribers to them, you will continue earning a ₦1,000 referral cash bonus and 1000 megabyte/1GB data bonus on each person you refer.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

How to register/subscribe and get started on Dataway?

Subscription is ₦2,000 monthly, you can subscribe and make payment online or purchase subscription e-pin by making payment to their official account .
You can also contact any of their office or outlet in your location if you prefer to subscribe offline.

If you make payment to any of dataway  account, you can send them message via the following number please include sender name  09137665039 or call 08105081414

Bank Name: Wema Bank
Account name: Unique Way Enterprise
Account number: 7810706040
Bank Name: Zenith Bank
Account name: Unique Way Enterprise
Account number: 1210029960

How long will it take to get data after purchase/request or subscription?

Except there is network issue, dataway deliver value almost instant after payment confirmation.

How can I check my data balance?

You can check your data balance using *461*4#

How much is the minimum commission withdrawal ?

You can withdraw your referral commission from ₦1,000 and above

How long will it take to get credited to bank account after withdrawal?

Payout process is almost instant. You will get credited within few minutes to 24 hours depending on transaction network.

Can I resell my data bonus and make more money?

Yes, you can resell your data or gift anyone. Just request to any number you wish and it will be credited within few minutes.

What if my subscription expires, can I  still buy airtime and data + other bill payment?

Yes ! You can do other purchase and even refer other subscribers

Is multiple account allowed?

Yes, anyone can register multiple accounts as they wish.

Can i register with different network sim card?

Yes, that is not an issue at all.

  Is datway Legit ?

Dataway vending platform is 100% Legit , of course I wouldn’t share what I haven’t tested and what didn’t work for me because I care for my audience

Dataway business is 100% legit with a registered licensed company and physical offices and outlets in different locations. Not a ponzi scheme or investment platform that people lose money.

  How does dataway work ?

Dataway offers more value and the following benefits  unlike other platforms with excessive charges without any reward.

1: You will get access to earning opportunities on Dataway as a subscriber.

2:Access to a more affordable airtime and data purchase cheaper from direct telecoms companies without excess charges and discounted price + other bill payment services including electricity, cable TV  like DSTV/GOTV, Internet subscription and other merchant products and services.

3: Access to a reseller option, you can be a vendor to resell and make more profit using resellers tools and API

4: Dataway gives more rewards including more bonus, giveaway cash, gadgets and different gift items to active and long time loyal subscribers from time to time.

5: Access to 2000MB MTN SME data on your first month subscription.

6: Access to 4000MB MTN SME data upon renew for the second month subscription.

7: Access to 6000MB MTN SME data upon renew for the third-month subscription and beyond. And lots more gift items and cash bonus as you continue your monthly subscription.

Referral is optional!

If you can promote by referring and recruiting more subscribers to them, including your families and friends + your social media friends and followers, you will get more benefits as follows:

1: Access to affiliate system with  a mouth watering 50% referral commission.

2: You will get ₦1000 commission + extra 1GB data on each subscriber you referred to Dataway.

3:  Access to ₦1000 + 1GB data bonus per referral.

4: Access to top referral monthly cash bonus between ₦10,000 to ₦100,000.

5: In fact, when people you refer to Dataway renew their subscription, you will get another extra 1GB data bonus again.

Wow Those are about 10 amazing benefits of subscribing to Dataway.

Now imagine getting ₦10,000 cash + 10GB data bonus daily by referring 10 subscribers to Dataway.  You could be making over ₦100,000 monthly by working with

All required is just ₦2000 data subscrition which you will also get the value for with other benefits with instant cashout.

On this one, you and whoever you referred will get value for your money including other amazing benefit you cannot find somewhere else.

   How do I earn money on dataway!

Simple! Once you register on dataway, you can fund your wallet with any amount of your choice, sell your money out as airtime , data, cable subscriptions Bills and other payment services on a higher price, ( you determine the price you want to sell your data )

And guess what ? For every transaction you make on dataway, asides the commission you also get to earn a point and each one point equals to 1mb , imagine getting  at least 10 mb everyday, you will be making at least 100mb in 10 days which you can still resale.

Dataway is not for only MTN users. If you don’t use MTN, you can resell your allocated data to mtn users like me, because I am buying. Otherwise, you can start using MTN. So far, MTN still offer the best services and more value with affordable data subscription.

  Some other benefits of subscribing to dataway

Aside the earning opportunities I have mentioned in this article, there are some other money making opportunity which only a member can access they include

Recharge card printing business

     As a dataway subscriber, you get a recharge card printing business learning portal for freeee! What this means is that you don’t have to pay anyone to teach you how to print recharge card, dataway has made it free for all it’s subscribers. And am sure you know how much people are paying just to learn this business

     Access to POS machine

Dataway platform has made it easier and cheaper for subscribers to start up a POS business with just little amount ! Unlike other POS terminals that gives out POS for as much as 60,000- 80,000 naira,  with dataway you can now get a POS of your own for as little as 10,000 naira and there is also a refund guarantee, which means when you no longer need the POS, you can return it and get back your money without any questions

Dataway monthly subscription renew is optional. But when you stay active and renew your subscription, you will keep getting value attached while you boost your chances of getting more rewards.

Even if you have no active subscription, you can still buy data and other products directly on the website of via their WhatsApp contact.

How To Register

Click here below fill in your details and make payment via online or EP (if you have a coupon code ) your account will be activated immediately and you’ll be taken to your dashboard



I am a personal finance coach, who finds joy in helping business owners and just anyone to live a successful financial life.

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