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How Does WhatsApp make money



How does WhatsApp make money

Am one of those people who got curious on how WhatsApp generates revenue thus the question of “How does WhatsApp make money” keeps bubbling in my head all the time, and am quite sure am not alone on this.

Well this curiosity led me into series of research and here we are going to be discussing on the big question “How does WhatsApp make money”

All you need to know about WhatsApp

Well based on a general knowledge, WhatsApp is said to be a private “End – To – End Encrypted” free Messaging platform.

Currently, WhatsApp is said to have over two billion users around the world.

The social media platform, was founded by two friends Brian Acton and Jan Koum in 2009, and has their office located at Menlo Park, California .

However, in 2014 this two developers sold out WhatsApp to the company now META Inc, for $19.8 billion.

You are probably still pondering on the question “How does WhatsApp make money” well the truth is WhatsApp makes money through WhatsApp business and WhatsApp pay.

That being said, we all know the Messaging platform allows users to send information across each other and even even multiple users.

With WhatsApp you can send voice notes, text chats, images, documents and even make video and voice calls using data Connections.

And just like stated before, it’s an end to end encrypted Messaging platform, which means no third party is allowed to see your messages not even the WhatsApp owner as the message carrier is done by a robot.

How Does WhatsApp Make Money ?

You are probably still confused on how WhatsApp generates revenue right ? Probably because there are no ads running and no in app purchase just like other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Well earlier in this article, I pointed it out that WhatsApp makes money through WhatsApp WhatsApp for business and WhatsApp pay.

However, the company started on a monetization model where users are allowed to use the service on a one year free trial and then renew their membership at $0.99.

However as the days roll by, they decided to change their monetization model and opt in for WhatsApp for business and WhatsApp Pay Money Making model.

However, let’s discuss deeply on the two current model of monetization.

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WhatsApp For Business

WhatsApp has a business API for businesses and brands like Uber, Netflix etc, which encourages and enhances quick responses , Sales and support across the platform.

Although the API allows this brands respond to messages with 24 hours for free and then charges them after the free hours have elapsed.

However, The WhatsApp Business API have a list of charges packages which they dishes out to this brands.

Basically WhatsApp charges this brands and business owners based on some certain amount of messages.

And the packages is sweet one that could melt the heart of this business owners and make them want to continue partnership with WhatsApp.

The packages are as follow,
First 250,000 messages at $0.0085 per each message,

the second 750,000 messages at $0.0083 per each message

the next 2 million messages at $0.0080 per each message

3 million messages at $0.0073 for each message

4 million messages at $0.0065 for each message

And then 10 million messages and above at $0.0058 per each message.

And because a lot of brands and business owners are using the WhatsApp business API , on daily basis, WhatsApp is equally generating a whole lot of revenue every day.

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WhatsApp Pay

The WhatsApp pay is another monetization model that WhatsApp uses to generate funds.

The WhatsApp pay is a money sending and receiving platform just like PayPal, payoneer , fluter wave and the rest of them.

And WhatsApp pay generates money for WhatsApp by charging recipient of funds a charging fee of 3.99% per transaction while the sender isn’t charged a dime.

Although the WhatsApp pay haven’t been made available worldwide for now, it is currently being used in Brazil and India and on certain devices.

However WhatsApp has a plan of making it available worldwide in the near future.

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Frequently Asked Question

1: How does one make money with WhatsApp!

There are so many ways with which user could make money on WhatsApp, without even being charged by WhatsApp.

User could make money on WhatsApp by building a fan base called known as WhatsApp TV and advertising for business owners and brands for a certain amount.

Also, business coaches, course creators and teachers uses WhatsApp as a medium of communication and connection and therefore charges students to give them information.

2: What is WhatsApp Network

According to research, WhatsApp Network is said to be currently around $50.7 billion

3: What is WhatsApp daily profit ?

This hasn’t been proved yet as WhatsApp is yet to reveal this.

4: Who owns ?

WhatsApp was founded by Jan Koum and Brian Acton in 2009 but was bought by Meta Inc (formally Facebook) in 2014.


WhatsApp as a Meta ( Facebook) makes money through WhatsApp for Business and WhatsApp Pay.

And am probably sure that by now this article has cleared your curiosity on the question “How does WhatsApp make Money”.

Final Words!

Was this helpful ? If you have any thing to say we are right at the comment box.

I am a personal finance coach, who finds joy in helping business owners and just anyone to live a successful financial life.

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