How long does it take to cancel a cashapp payment?

If  you pay with incorrect payee information or the amount you want to pay may be incorrect, you can decide to cancel a cashapp payment, but a big question that still worries many users is “how long does it take to cancel a cashapp payment?”

Usually, CashApp payments are for instant payments, which means that it is not possible to cancel the payment, but luckily in some cases, there is a cancellation option, especially if the payment is still pending, you can choose to cancel immediately, which usually takes 1-3 business days before the funds are returned to your cash application balance.


How to cancel a cashapp payment

We know that mistakes can happen and can cause a payment to be canceled after a transaction has been initiated, however, “How long does it take to cancel a cashapp payment” and “How to cancel a payment” in the Cash app is still a hurdle to overcome. But there is no reason to panic, we will discuss how to cancel a cashapp payments in this article.

To cancel a cashapp payment, first make sure the app is installed on your Android or iOS device, open the app to display the home screen, then find the “Operation” button where you can see all the transactions you’ve made on Cashapp.

Now scroll and find the payment you want to cancel, click on the payment, and a new page will appear on the screen showing all the details of the transaction, then you will see 3 dotted lines on the top right corner of the screen, click on it and another list of options will appear.

Now select Cancel Payment and click OK to complete the cancellation process.

You must then wait at least 72 hours or 3 business days for the money to be returned to your CashApp balance.


However, if the option to cancel the payment is not available, try contacting the person you sent the money to for a refund, or contact Cashapp Customer Support for assistance.​​

Although there is no guarantee that the person you send money to will get your money back, just try to hope for the best, if you want to contact Cashapp customer support, you can email them through the help button in the app or you can contact them via their Twitter customer support page @cashappcustomersupport and hope they will respond to your message soon

The good news is that the Cash app has a “Disputed Charges” feature. If the payment is submitted immediately and the “Cancel payment” option is not available, it is best to contact the person who has the money tag (username) to request a refund of the money sent in error, give the money, and if they reject your request/request you can use the button Dispute the charge to get your money back.

There is no guarantee that it will still get you back your money. The reason is that, firstly, the cashapp may not approve your debit request dispute, and secondly, the account you are sending the money to maybe fraudster’s account because once they receive such money, they will most likely withdraw the money immediately from their bank and leave the account when they believe you will use the ‘dispute charge’ option to get your money back.

The third is that the money may have gone to accounts that the money app flagged as spam, and the cash app restricted transactions in those accounts, so once your money is in that account, it may have no hope of getting your money back if just don’t contact the cash app customer support and hope that they will answer you and send you all the help you need.

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Reasons to cancel a cashapp payment


The purpose of canceling a cash app payment may vary from user to user, it may be due to wrong payee information, it may be their username, phone number, or email, or someone else may enter the wrong amount you want to send.

Understandably, such mistakes are bound to happen because no one can handle the mistake, so Cashapp offers to “cancel the payment” before the money is sent to the recipient. In addition, if you have paid for a service or product before receiving payment and after you discover that the product or service you paid for was delivered incorrectly (eg fraudulently), you may decide to submit a chargeback using the associated bank account.


The money will then be returned to you. Even if you paid by debit card, it may take approximately 3 business days for the refund to be processed.


In the event of fraud, it is best to contact Cashapp Customer Support as they will know the best way to get your money back, although this may take longer than using the dispute fee option and there is no guarantee that they will get it back. but it’s worth it.

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Finally, when you want to cancel a Cashapp payment, you should immediately find an error in the transaction, then expect a refund after 3 business days, but if the funds have been waiting for more than 3 days, contact their customer support services via the link in their app or their Twitter page.

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