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Amazon Kdp

There are so many earning opportunities in the online world today, one of such is Amazon KDP meaning Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.Trust me it’s so easy to earn a living with Amazon KDP, you don’t necessarily have to Robb or defraud anyone to make some cash online, this business model although referred to many as a lazy man’s business is a very easy business to venture into, but to be sincere it requires some smart work though.

In this article, I will be showing you an in-depth step by step guide on how to publish book on Amazon KDP and earn massively every month.

Amazon KDP Review

Amazon Kindle direct publishing is a self-publishing platform founded by Jeff bezos in 2006 currently Amazon is one of the most visited platform in the internet today with an estimate of about 30 million visitors everyday. crazy right?

well earlier this year it became popular among Nigerians and most Nigerians are taking actions and pulling in huge dollars every month, although the payment system is not yet available for Nigerians , but an average smart citizen of Nigeria is pulling in thousands of dollars legitimately every month thereby freeing themselves from Financial bondage.

Though the website was founded and is being Run in the United States, it is still available to other countries like the UK and the rest of them, infact anyone from anywhere can self publish books on Amazon KDP and start earning money.

Now How would you feel if I show you a legit model which you can use to partake in The Paradise of Amazon kdp and start bagging in some cash? Even if you are not a writer? in this article I will reveal to you every secret you need to start earning with Amazon kdp.

I know some questions like “how do I even get books to publish on Amazon KDP when I don’t even know what writing is all about” might be going through your mind, now take a chill pill Amazon kdp is not just all about writing, you can upload , notebooks, blank pages, cover books, diaries, journals, even summary of other people’s work! Yes that is it

List of top 10 hot earning Amazon Kdp niches

In Amazon kDP, they are 3 hot niches with huge search volumes, but am going to be unveiling top 10 earning kdp niches that could change your financial status. And that is of course if you know what you are doing

1: Book Bolt Research

2: Handwriting KDP niche

3: Sight word books

4: Joke books for kids

5: Math Workbook

6: Timed Test KDP books

7: Question a day journals

8: Word search books

9: Scissor Skills Book

10: Patterned Coloring Books and Toddlers coloring books

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How Do I Get Started right away on Amazon KDP

Before you get started on Kdp, there are some necessary requirements which includes a 1:USA Account (payoneer)

2:Amazon KDP account

3:Tax information (You don’t need to forge anything, it can be found on the back of any government issued card like your national identity card, driving license etc)

4:Canva ( for designing your book cover)

5:Grammarly Account for grammar and spelling checks

6:A smartphone or laptop

7:Email address (preferably Gmail)

8:A phone number

9:An internet connection


Amazon Kdp

Do you mind learning How To Survive A Financial Crisis

Publishing on Amazon as an author has just been made easy for you. Now,
before creating an Amazon KDP Account, you would need a medium with which you can
receive your payment from the sales made from your books.
That is why, I will be teaching you how to create a Payoneer Account, which would
enable to receive your royalty payment from Amazon KDP, directly into your bank account.

To create a Payoneer Account, you would need to write down the following on a piece of paper,

Full Name
Date of Birth
Active phone number
National ID number (NIN)
Snapshot of your Government approved ID Card
Local Bank Account Details
Sort Code of your Bank (optional)
Home Address
Postal Code of your State or City of Residence ( can be found on Google)

Once all these are ready, you can then go ahead and create your Payoneer Account.Click here to create a Payoneer Account and earn $25

Once you have opened the link,
Click on SignUp button,
Click on the box that shows up, then from the drop down, another portal will pop up asking what you are creating the account for, either as a freelancer, family etc, choose “Individual”
After that it will redirect you to another form choose “Get
paid by international marketplace” which happens to be the first one on the list of

Fill in the details which you have written down on a piece of paper accordingly and correctly.
After creating your Payoneer Account, go to the email with which you opened the
payoneer account
Look for a mail from Payoneer and click on “VerifyEmail”
Then come back and log into your Payoneer Account and finish your registration
by setting up some security verification, so as to secure your Payoneer Account

Note: sometimes the verification may take up to 3days before your account becomes active.

After securing your Payoneer Account, you will see a drop down at the bottom,
asking for identity verification
Click on it
Click on Government issued ID
Upload the snap shot of your Government Issued ID Card/Slip (You can use your NIN temporary slip, driving license and the rest of them)
Then submit Details about your business
Once you are done with all these, the next thing is to get the USD Account that pertains
to this Payoneer Account you just created

While you are still logged in, you will see 3Currencies (USD,EUR & GBP)
displaying on your screen
*Click on USD
*Click USD Account
*Then write down the following
*Bank Name
*Routing Number
*Account Number (The Payoneer provided USD Account number)
*Bank Address

NB:Keep the above information handy, as they will be needed while creating your Amazon KDP Account
Then refresh your browser and or go back to your browser home page to create Amazon KDP Account

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Type the following url in your browser to get started,, once the link is open, head on to Amazon kindle authors account.

If you have an Amazon account already,
you can use that to sign into your Kindle Account.
Fill in your details as required, (FullName, EmailAddress, HomeAddress).

After that, you will be directed to your KDP Dashboard
At the top of your dashboard, you will see a box written UpdateNow
Click on it to complete your KDP Account Set Up

For Bank Account Details
Choose”Ihave a bank account”
For country of bank, choose “UnitedStates”
Then that is when your USD account details is needed, fill in the details of your USD bank account which you got from Payoneer earlier and has written down.

For Tax Information, make sure to fill all details correctly, do not forge
anything, as stated earlier you can get your Tax Information at the back of any government issued ID card, (do not use anyone’s ID please).

After you have successfully completed the set up of your Amazon KDP Account, the next thing you wanna do is to sign in to your Amazon Kdp dashboard and start publishing, go ahead and
Click on bookshelf, since you are new to Kindle publishing and doesn’t have a book yet your shelf will be

Go to “create a new title” to add your book to your bookshelf
Click on “+KindleeBook”.
Follow the easy prompts to fill in the information for your book such as author
name(s), (please it is advisable to use a pen Name istead of your local name) book description, categories, Price and other information.

NB: For publishing of ebook, it is only the front cover of your book that is required.

For the front cover of your book, you will need to format it to Amazon Standard.
Follow the following steps to format your book cover Go to play store, download the following apps “ImageConverter” and “Photo and Picture Resizer”
Use the Image Converter to convert the image of the front cover design of your
book to JPG(jpeg) format

Then open the Photo and Picture Resizer
Click on Select Photos
Then choose the front cover of your book
Then Click on the four arrows pointing to each other at the top of your screen
*Click on Custom
*”For width, enter 1563
*For height, enter 2500
*Click Ok
“Click on Save

Now back to our Amazon KDP Account
After filling in the other details
You will see the prompt to upload your book cover. Upload the front cover which
you just resized
Next, you will need to upload your manuscript.

Iusually recommend that your
manuscript be in docx format(wordformat)before uploading (if you are using smart phone, you can use WPS Office or Google docs to convert it)
your manuscript will be reviewed and converted to Amazon Kindle ebook format the process of reviewing is usually to make sure it meets their
content and quality guidelines.

*Click onnSave and Continue
Set your pricing. eBooks that are priced between $0.99-10.99 get 70% royalty as
Amazon takes 30% of any sales, while eBooks above $10.99 get 35% royalty as
Amazon takes 65% of any sales.

So the higher the price of your book, the smaller
the royalty you earn.
It is recommended that you do not go above $4.99 for eBooks. Infact for any ebook you want to publish it is advisable to check the Amazon market and see what prices other writters are setting for.

For maximization of profit, fix your ebook price within $2.99-4.99.
Go over the required boxes to check that you did not miss anything.
When choosing where tobpublish, choose All Territories. That way, your book gets
to be seen and sold all around the world. And also at the top click on “enroll my book to Kindle” when your book is enrolled, you earn royalty when someone borrowed and read your books even if they don’t buy.

*Click Save and Publish
Then, you would now need to wait for 24-48 hours for your book to go Live on
Amazon KDP


Amazon Kdp

While publishing your book, on Amazon kindle, you will see 7 boxes where you are to insert 7
Keywords, although the Keyword boxes are optional, but it is necessary if you want your book to sell without promotions.
Keywords are words which your audience are most likely to type when searching for books
related to the content of your book or what you are talking about in your book.

To get good Keywords, these are the steps to take:
Go to, (not Amazon Kindle)
If you are using a smartphone, change the interface to desktopsite
In the search box,

click on the arrow by the side
From the drop down, scroll down and look for Kindle Store
Click on Kindle Store
Type in the name of your book or anything related to what your book is about.
After typing, a drop down menu will show, write down every of the sentence that
shows up
Out of the sentences you wrote, pick just 7
*This is what you will fill in those 7 Keyword boxes


You need to format your book so that it meets Amazon Standard. You will do the formatting
using your laptop
Click on page layout
Click on pagesize
Click on papersizes Ensure the width is 6inch and the height is 9inches

NB: if it happens to be in “cm”, go to “file”, go to” options”, go to “advance”, scroll down,bthen
you will see” show measure ment in units of”,then change it to”inches”, click” okay”
Click at the bottom to ensure it is on”whole documents”
Click on “Margin”
“Top”should be ‘1in’, Bottom should be’1 in’, Left should be ‘0.65in’, Right should be
‘0.65in’, Gutter should be ‘0.2in’, Gutter position should be ‘left’.
Click on Apply to: Whole document at the bottom
Click on layout

Ensure the following are ticked
Different odd and even
Different first page

Click on ‘okay’

How To Divide The Book Into Two

new chapter must start from the right hand side
1.Clickon ‘view’
2.Click on ‘two pages’
3.Put your cursor before the first letter
4.Click on ‘home’
5.Click on ‘insert’
6.Click on ‘blank page’ twice
On the left hand side of the blank page should be the following: booktitle, subtitle and author’s

Some of my books on Amazon


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2: How to discover your fears and stop worrying

What do you think about this article ? Need more assistance? You can also get a well detailed video message us @ [email protected] or

I am a personal finance coach, who finds joy in helping business owners and just anyone to live a successful financial life.

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