How To Start CPA Marketing In Nigeria

CPA marketing stands for “Cost Per Action” or “Cost Per Acquisition” which means it’s an affiliate program that pays you for leads through your unique link. Unlike affiliate programs like JVzoo , DigistemExpertnaire e.t.c that pays you for making sales, CPA marketing pays you when a visitor performs a certain action through your link like form registration, email submission or survey answers. How to start CPA Marketing in Nigeria? This article will tell you everything you need to know.

If you find yourself asking how to start CPA marketing in Nigeria, then you are not alone and moreover it doesn’t require a human head to start up one, although there are so many CPA marketing platforms out there, while some accept Nigerians others do not, and while some pays higher commissions for each leads that convert others do not so it’s only wise to ask. But not to worry in this article we are going to be discussing in detail how to start CPA marketing in Nigeria.

What Is CPA Marketing

Earlier on this article, I stated that CPA stands for “Cost Per Acquisition” or “Cost Per Action” and as the name implies, it pays you when a client or customer performs a required action through your link, a lot much different from the affiliate programs we all know that pays only when a visitor purchase an item through your link.

CPA marketing doesn’t necessarily require any sales, there are lot of new or even old companies who are looking for partners, or who are looking to get noticed and there are willing to pay you the publishers lot’s of money to bring partners to them by creating a special link for you through a CPA platform and you in turn enlighten the public concerning the company and when someone finds their products interesting they can decide to fill out a form of partnership or submit their email to get notified on new products. The company in turn pays you the publisher for bringing in the partner or client to them, you don’t need to make any sale to earn commission.

CPA Marketing is the easiest form of affiliate program, don’t get me wrong though….. it’s not a get Rich quick scheme and you still need a good marketing strategy and traffic, lot’s of it even to make cool cash off CPA marketing. Like the sound of that? Keep reading to learn how to start CPA marketing in Nigeria.

How To Start CPA Marketing In Nigeria

Simple and easy, you don’t need to cut down an Iroko tree or split a rock to be able to start CPA marketing as a Nigerian, there are lots of platforms that accepts Nigerians and you can even find CPA offers that offers real huge commissions. Example CPAGrip.

All you need to do is create an account, verify and make sure it’s activated update with your information including payment method, then begin sourcing for offers and promoting to the public then earn commission for each lead that converts.

CPA Marketing Websites

Perform[cb] (previously Clickbooth)
Toro Advertising
AdWork Media
GlobalWide Media
Panthera Network
Digital Media Solutions (formerly W4)
Convert2Media (C2M)
Affiliatie Network

Is CPA Marketing legit

Yes! There is no need to be afraid, most of this websites if not all wouldn’t ask you to pay a dime for registration, and believe me when say it’s not a waste of time, the sites mentioned above in this article have been confirmed to be fair and 100 percent legit, they won’t eat of your sweat.

CPA marketing have been paying, still paying and will continue paying as far as the internet is concerned. The CPA marketing has made a lot of companies billions of naira and publishers millionaires. So I see no reason why the system will decide to vanish into thin air or stops paying now or in the near future.

how to make money from cpa marketing.

Since i have successfully explained how to start CPA marketing, it’s also wise to discuss how to make money from CPA marketing.

CPA marketing requires smart marketing strategy that will bring in lot’s of lead.

Now after registering on your favorite CPA marketing platform, check list of offers and pick out the one you would like to promote, then create an ad giving out free ebook, in exchange for the action you would like them to perform, either email or form submission. Check out how to promote an offer Here


CPA marketing although not a Get Rich Quick Scheme is a very good online business to venture into, favourable to both beginners and old publishers. With the right marketing strategy and promotion you will be making around 6-7 figures every month.

Did this article answer your question on how to start CPA marketing in Nigeria? If you have any questions or anything to add to this we are waiting at the comment box.

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