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Is AI Mining Legit – AI Mining Review 2022



Ai mining, Genesis mining

You probably might have stumbled upon this platform AI mining and maybe wondering if it’s legit or would be a waste of time.

Well after learning about this platform from one of my friend who is a digital marketer, I set out on my research to see if it’s legit.

Of course I wouldn’t want to feed my audience with fake information. So the question is is AI Mining Legit?

What is AI Mining?

AI Mining is a free USDT Mining platform that allows user mine USD free for 20 days

Although it has other paid mining machine which you can purchase after registration to make more USDT.

But you can also earn and withdraw from both free and paid mining.

The rate of free USDT you get on daily basis is not stable, buh you will be able to reach the minimum withdrawal amount of $4 from a free miner

Is AI Mining Legit Or Scam

One thing about AI mining is this, when you do not refer you earn, when you refer you earn more money.

And if you are asking if AI Mining is legit, the answer is yes.

There’s a lot of positive reviews including mine, I started AI Mining 2 weeks ago and I have been able to withdraw along with my upline.

How does AI Mining Works

Once you register on AI Mining platform, you activate the free mining machine which is located at the top of the screen.

After that you don’t need to login daily to earn, the mining machine you activated will mine free USDT for you for 20 days then you can withdraw to your binance account or Trust wallet.

However, to enhance more earning, it is advisable to build team members or purchase and activate paid mining machine for $21.

The more people you refer to join your team members, the more money you earn and cash out.

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What is Trust Cloud Mining?

AI mining

Trust cloud mining is a crypto cloud mining organization whose aim is to make crypto mining easy and affordable for everyone.

With Trustmining there are no equipment needed to set up or maintain an effective mining

This is one of the features that makes it stands out in the crypto currency world, and the fact that it doesn’t require much stress as the platform does all the hard work for you.

Trust mining also uses advance ASIC miner and a top notch algorithm that provides users with good returns.

The platform allows users to mine crypto currencies at a very low cost without having to purchase anything or stressing your self out, and yet the end result is always great.

The simple interface on TrustMining makes it easy for users to navigate their website and found their way around their dashboard easily.

The registration on TrustMining is a very simple and straight forward process, Just fill in the required details on the registration portal and submit.

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During registration you would be asked to choose between a regular or premium plan.

The regular plan gives you your Return Of Investment (ROI) at the end of the day while the pro means signing a contract which may last for a week, month or year, and you get a mouth watering profit at the end of the contract.

In as much as the pro plan yields more profit than the regular, I advise users go for the regular.

Of course except if the money you are investing wouldn’t affect your financial life.

This doesn’t mean that TrustMining is not legit, infact there are a lot of positive reviews from users showing that TrustMining have never disappointed them.

But of course this is a crypto world, the market can go down and up at anytime and that is why it is always advisable to invest what you can bear to loose.

How to register on ai mining

Registration on ai mining is free and easy,  start by visiting their website here then fill in the registration portal with your name email and WhatsApp number as required.

The reason for using your WhatsApp number is to get a verification code which you will use to activate your account.

After registration, right on your dashboard click on the “get a free miner”  button you will be redirected to a page where you can purchase the free mining machine which you can use to start mining free usdt.


How does Ai mining work?

Here is a break down of how to earn on ai mining.


Once you register and activate the  0 free miner you will begin to earn 182.5 NGN per day, if you invite a friend to use 0 miner, you earn 4.5% commission per day.

If you invite 1 person: 182.5*4.5%*20=164.25 NGN
If you invite 10 people: 182.5*4.5%*20*10=1,642.5 NGN
If you invite 100 people, 182.5*4.5%*20*100=16,425 NGN

You are miner 1, earn 248.2 NGN per day, if you invite a friend to use miner 0, you earn 13% commission per day
If you invite 1 person: 182.5*13%*20=474.5 NGN
If you invite 10 people: 182.5*13%*20=4745 NGN
If you invite 100 people: 182.5*13%*20=47450 NGN

The above is how much each subordinate earns you for 20 days You will get more if the people you invite buy paid miners, and importantly, when you invite people, you should also tell them the benefits of inviting them. You also get team benefits from people they invite.

Whatis Genesis Mining?

AI mining
Genesis Mining is the world’s leading Bitcoin provider and altcoin cloud mining technology company.

That gives access to small, medium and large mining contracts to registered users.

They are no special or hectic steps, as mining starts immediately after registration.

There are also many other techniques which is used to automatically redeem your altcoin and convert to Bitcoin which is transferred into users wallet every 24hrs.

The good thing is, mining on Genesis is easy and the Bitcoin are withdrawable into Binance or Trust wallet.

How Do I Withdraw From AI Mining ?

The process of withdrawing from AI is very simple, once you have reached the minimum threshold and wished to withdraw, the withdrawal portal is located at the middle of your screen.

Click on it and withdraw straight into your Binance or Trust Wallet but preferably Binance.

And if you are having a hard time, you can as well contact your upline or the customer care service.


Now that you have seen my review on AI Mining, What do you think? Have you had any experience with AI Mining , TrustMining or Genesis mining?

If yes what was your experience like ? And if No do you think you want to try it out ?

Let’s hear what you have to say in the comment box .

I am a personal finance coach, who finds joy in helping business owners and just anyone to live a successful financial life.

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