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Is CPAGRIP Legit – CPAGRIP Review 2022



Is CPAGRIP legit

Is CPAGRIP Legit? You are probably wondering if this is another scam on the internet, with lots of failed promises like others.

Honestly speaking, the answer is YES! with capital letters, CPAGRIP is legit, of course I wouldn’t want to dish out fake information to my audience.


CPAGRIP is a free CPA Marketing platform that gives publishers a chance to earn commissions simply by promoting CPA offers with their unique links.

The platform was established in 2013 and is Available for both publishers and advertisers World Wide.

What makes CPAGRIP unique and stands out amongst other CPA Marketing platform is because it offers the best CPA offers, making it favourable for both publishers and advertisers.

The CPAGRIP is a transparent platform that you wouldn’t miss your way around while navigating.

How to register on CPAGRIP

Signing up on CPAGRIP is purely free, there are no hidden charges or whatsoever.

1:To get started with CPAGrip, go to your browser and search for,

2: You will be redirected to their home page, click on register which is at the top of your screen, another page will open asking you to click on join CPAGrip, click on the button and wait for a minute for it to sign up,

3: A form will pop up, fill the form by adding your
company, the company can be anything, you don’t necessarily have to own a company then add add your website.

You can use any website at all if you don’t own any just go to YouTube or Google and copy out any website link and paste or you can just think of any website at all and paste.

Note: all the fields marked with the asterisks (*) signs are the compulsory fields you must fill while the rest are optional.

4: Input your address in the address box,
your country,
Skype name ( you don’t necessarily have to own a Skype account, you can put anything).

Your email address and a password note choose a hard to guess but easy to remember passwords for security reasons then your time zone as a Nigerian your time zone should be GMT + 1, then verify the recaptcha to prove you are a human and not a robot.

The form is filled, the next thing you will have to do is Mark the boxes that follows which will ask you to agree with their terms of service and the rest.

After ticking the three boxes go on and hit the “Register” button and hey congratulations your account has been created.

Then you will be redirected to your dashboard, you will have to head over to your Gmail app to verify your membership using the verification code CPAGRIP will send to your registered email.

After you might have verified your account with the code sent to your registered email address, you can now easily login to your dashboard to finish up your setting.

CPAGRIP Payment Method

There are different payment method on CPAGRIP, Which includes
*Payoneer Master Card
*Payoneer Checking Account
*USA Bank Account.

You can use any of the payment options, but it is more advisable to use PayPal or payoneer checking account to make withdrawal easy without issues.

How to make money with CPAGRIP

After creating your account with CPAGRIP, it is now time for you to start making money out of it.

To start promoting offers, you have to look for something valuable you can give out in exchange for your audience to complete a task / offer using your link.

There are so many things you can give out to your audience in other for them to complete an offer with your link.

It could be an ebook, a music or a movie, just offer something that can entice your audience. I would recommend a movie, according to my research movies converts a lot more better.

You don’t necessarily have to own the ebook, music or video, there are a lot of copyright free valuable contents you can get on the web.

Research shows that a greater number of people watches short funny videos than they listen to music and read books.

CPAGRIP Content Locker

Once you have gotten an ideal product you want to use to promote your offer, for example an ebook.

I will recommend you use an ebook people would love, probably books from this hot niches, it could be a weight loss or personal finance ebook.

Upload the book on your Google drive or drop box to make it downloadable for people when you share the link.

After uploading the ebook on your Google drive or the alternative, copy out the link then head on to your notepad and paste the link.

After that slide into your browser and search for CPAGRIP template, there are a lot of them there choose anyone of your choice which you can use to post a CPA offer.

Once you have chosen a suitable template, go back to your CPAGRIP account and click on monetization tools.

Note: since you are using an ebook, use a free ebook download and landing page template.

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Select URL file locker and then create a URL file, then it is advisable to read and agree to their terms of services (don’t just agree to the bottom”TOS” read and know what it’s all about)before hitting the continue button.

After that, head over to the HTML code on the CPAGRIP template and copy out the HTML code then back to the CPAGRIP account delete the HTML code on the right and paste the one you have copied out earlier.

After that go back again to the CPAGRIP template, scroll up and copy the CSS code then go back again to the CPAGrip account delete the CSS code there and paste the one from the template.

After the code copying and pasting, minimize your screen use another browser from your phone and search for

Register an account (Not Compulsory though) and choose photos/videos then go to the file you uploaded earlier on Google drive.

Go to the cover on imgur and choose the cover of the book, it will generate about 3 links click the shared link , then go back to your account on CPAGRIP highlight the code and search for imgur.

Highlight the code and cut out, then paste the shared link you copied out from imgur the ebook cover you have chosen will appear on your screen on the ebook cover icon on your CPAGRIP dashboard.

Now Assuming the name of your ebook is How To Make Money Online In Nigeria the name on your CPAGRIP dashboard will not be the same.

You will have to change it to match the name on your ebook, so now you will go back to the HTML code on the right if you are using PC, use control V control F to easily search,

but for mobile phone go through the code and you will see a section “name of book” for instance.(the name will be according to what the HTML and CSS Code served you) change it to the name of your eBook.

After that another page will open showing you your file MB storage, normally it will be a large file so you will have to compress to a lower storage so you won’t have to scare people away from downloading your book. The recommended storage size is 3 or 4.

Then the 3rd page will pop up showing when the eBook was uploaded change the date to a current date to make it look new.

You can as well Change the “call to action” green button showing “begin download” to “download now” or you can also leave it that way.

After that draw down to refresh the page and see the changes you have made, and if you are not satisfied, you can keep on editing to your taste.

After that , there is a page written complete an offer change it to “verify you are not a robot to continue” , then you can add as many offers / tasks as you wish.

The purpose of adding many offers is so your audience could choose on which offer they want.

After that head on to your notepad and copy out the link you pasted earlier, then go to any URL shortener of your choice eg to shorten your link.

Then back to your CPAGRIP dashboard, on your right hand side there is space for you to paste the link you have shortened.

After that, you are all done. hit the create button and create, and after creating the next step is to customise your URL to your eBook name.

Then click on the share button and your link will automatically change. this link is what you are going to be sending to people to complete a task.


Thank you for reading to the end, hope you got the necessary value? Do you have anything to add or suggest? We are waiting at the comment box.

I am a personal finance coach, who finds joy in helping business owners and just anyone to live a successful financial life.

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