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iwinfootball review – is iwinfootball legit?




We have just gathered a whole lot of fact from a careful research on iwinfootball, and possibly your questions concerning iwinfootball review / is iwinfootball legit ? Will be answered in this article.

iwinfootball currently is on the good side, the sites is currently paying it’s members, however, this isn’t to say it will last forever, probably not.

What is

Iwinfootball is a newly launched betting platform however not like Bet9ja, betking or other top leading betting platform.Iwin is just like the former WHG which later crashed.

Recently, the company iwinfootball launched USDT on both withdrawal and deposit portals,

this is to avoids delays in withdrawing or depositing, the site seem to be making progress day by day.

And we this progress, it can even last longer than has been predicted.

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Who is the owner iwinfootball company?

All research to get the details of the owner of iwinfootball company proves fruitless, as no one knows the owner, and even the iwinfootball official website says nothing about their company.

However, most people are starting to believe that the WHG company are also responsible for iwinfootball platform.

Is iwinfootball legit?

Though am not the type to jump into conclusion, and the review on the site may not be 100 percent accurate.

But currently iwinfootball is paying pretty well and there is no complain of any sort. But as it is with all this make money online platform the site is bound to crash.

So if you are asking if iwinfootball is legit, i wouldn’t say it is, and I wouldn’t say it’s a scam either but the company is currently paying.

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How do I earn money with iwinfootball?

You know why this betting platform is unique? Betting is definitely not compulsory and you still get to earn big time.

How is that possible? You may ask, well just like other make money online (MMO) platform, iwinfootball pays you a little commission when you refer a family, friend or even an enemy to the website.

These are just two ways of earning on the platform, that is betting and the affiliate program.

Now the affiliate program is just the primary way of earning on the platform without risking any capital, and the sites pays you 500 naira for every person you refer using your affiliate link.

So if you can refer at least 10 people in a day, you will be earning 5000 naira automatically in a single day.

This is to say the number of people you can refer is definitely equall to the amount of money you will be earning.

Unless of course you chose the betting option.

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iwin football app

Currently, iwinfootball doesn’t have any app on play store, appstore or any other store. You just perform activities by logging in to your account on the iwinfootball official website.

How do I register? Iwin football login

Before you can be able to login and start making money with iwinfootball, you will have to be a registered member first.

How do I register? click here to register on iwinfootball.

Once you are redirected to the registration portal fill in your details and sign up.

Once you have successfully signed up, your account will automatically be credited with 500 naira welcome bonus.

Then on your dashboard you will see a slide at the top where you can copy out your referral link which you can send to people and earn commission.

Then you can always login to your iwinfootball dashboard with your mobile phone number and unique password anytime to place bet or perform other activities.

How does iwinfootball work

Just like other make money online platforms, you start by creating a membership account.

Registration on the platform is free and easy to create.

Once you have successfully completed your sign up process, you receive 500 naira welcomeee bonus, then earning begins.

You either start placing bet with your bonus, or start earning as an affiliate partner.

As an affiliate partner, copy out your unique link and start inviting people to join the platform.

Now you earn 500 naira for each person you refer, and the person also gets a 500 naira welcome bonus.

Now to do the calculation, let’s assume you are able to refer at least 10 people in a day, that is 500 x 10 = 5000, in a single day. And 500 x 30 = 150,000 in a month.

How do I withdraw money from iwinfootball?

With the launch of the USDt withdrawal portal, withdrawal on the site has been made easy and less time consuming.

You can either choose to withdraw to your local bank account by entering your card details, or withdraw to your binance or other crypto wallet like Trustwallet using the newly launched usdt portal.

And you can withdraw anytime and anyday.


Although this iwinfootball review is not 100 percent accurate, and as for the question of is iwinfootball legit? , we can say yes for now.

This is not to say that the company has come to stay though, it might crash just like others.

I hope this iwinfootball review answered your question? So have you registered with the platform? What is your experience?

If you are using iwinfootball do well to share your experience with us, and we might as well add it to the post.

I am a personal finance coach, who finds joy in helping business owners and just anyone to live a successful financial life.

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