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Smartpays Review | Scam Or legit




One of the ways to raise capital for a huge business plan or dream is engaging in this read news and share sponsored  post program like smartpays , however not all all these programs are for real.

You will be disappointed to see that most of these platforms after wasting your data and the start-up capitals which you Invest you will end up not getting a dime from it,

    however, don’t let it discourage you, they are also the legit ones out there like smartpays

What is Smartpays cash ?

Smartpayscash  just like others is a read/post news and earn money online platform founded by Beeku Benjamin on the 17th February 2022 with the aim of helping Africa and the world as a whole in making extra cash through the internet.

   Smartpays  is not just a making extra cash online program, it also introduces you to other online business model like affiliate marketing through their top-notch contents, as they aim at providing value to their audience.

  Is Smartpays cash legit or scam?

Smartpayscash is 100% legit. there is no need to be afraid, however you should know that platforms like these do not last long no matter how much there promise that they have come to stay

How does smart pay cash  works

      Get reward by doing some easy task on smartpays with a solid financial gain, smartpays seem to make making money online very easy for the whole human race regardless of age, gender or location,

like I stated earlier,  it doesn’t only  centres around making money online, it is also a learning platform with top-notch articles.

  How do I make money with smartPaySmartpays

1: With a one-time registration fee of 2,000, you will automatically become a full member of  smartpays  and  therefore eligible to earn extra incomes

2: After registration your wallet will be funded immediately with SP1,200 welcome bonus

3: Everyday you login you automatically earn SP200 daily logins 

4: Do make sure to share the daily sponsored post to get SP200

5:  For each post you read on the platform you earn SP10 and you can read as much post as you want even if there is up to 1000 post available

6: Get SP40 for any comments you make on Posts

7:  If you are a video creator, then you are  lucky enough because you automatically earn 200 naira for  every promotional video you create via smartpays my

8: You get a whooping 1,300 naira by referring people and having them join through your website andAffiliate link.

     How do I get paid on smartpays

   Once you reach the minimum payout threshold of  SP10,000 then you should be expecting to get paid of your  non referral earnings, the payment is always on 30th of every month and the withdrawal portal is  always opens within 6am – 7am and you should be expecting your payment immediately or 2 days after requesting for withdrawal depending on network status,

  the money will be paid directly to your bank account and activity earning is usually calculated by multiplying your actual revenue by 0.3.

However,  the minimum payment for referral program is 3,900 naira and unlike the activity earning it is paid every Wednesday and Friday,the withdrawal portal always opens from 6:00 a.m.

    There is also a referral contest on Smartpays which enables the best referral to win extra 10,000 Naira with at least 30 referral within a period of one month      Smartpays .

Albeit you wouldn’t want to loose this golden opportunity to make some cool cash just pressing your phone, but come’on this is just what you do everyday with your phone reading and giving your opinion on news, so it will be the wisest thing to get paid while doing this stuffs, what are you waiting for ?      Take Action Now          

I am a personal finance coach, who finds joy in helping business owners and just anyone to live a successful financial life.

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