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Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Sites For Nigerians



Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Sites for Nigerians

In this article, I am going to be showing you the top 10 affiliate marketing sites in Nigeria with high commission.

But first what is affiliate marketing? affiliate marketing program is a means by which one can sell other people’s products to earn commissions,

unlike CPA marketing, affiliate marketing requires you to make sales in order to earn commission.

You don’t have to worry about how to create the product, the product you are going to be selling is entirely someone’s work the only thing you are going to be doing is promoting the product, make sales and earn commissions and the product you are going to be promoting are mostly digital products like ebooks, audio course, video course, podcast etc .

For instance Mr A who is a digital product creator, creates an ebook on and Mr B who is an affiliate marketer founds the book (which mr A had placed on an affiliate marketing site for a price of #3000 with a 50 / 50% commission) and decide to promote it,

for every sale Mr B makes, he makes a commission of #1500 let’s assume he sold a total of 100 of that particular ebook, he will be making a total of 1500 × 100 and that will equal to 150,000 naira that’s a mouth-watering amount of money within a blink of the eye.

Although you must know that affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme but it’s something that requires patience and perseverance and if you can deal with it within a period of one year you’ll be making it big with affiliate marketing

Here are the top 10 affiliate marketing sites in Nigeria

1: Tube buddy

Tube buddy is a YouTube tool that makes a YouTube experience ten times easier ranging from
Video Description etc

however as an affiliate marketing site it pays as much as 30 to 50% of affiliate commission when you invite a user to use and subscribe with tube buddy

2: Jvzoo

Jvzoo is an affiliate site that promotes ebooks courses videos and so on, one unique thing about jvzoo is that it promotes a lot of new courses once in a while and you can actually see a very new product that no one has ever promoted before,

on that side this actually is a good thing especially for beginners because your audience will trust you to be promoting something new that no one has ever promoted before

3: Whogohost

Whogohost is one of the best Nigerian hosting company and if not the best it is one of the best in the whole of west Africa and they pay 15% affiliate commission for every one you invite to register on their web hosting.

4: eBay partners program

5: Jumia affiliate program

6: Udemy affiliate program

7: Convert kit affiliate program

8: share-A-sale

9: clickbank

10: Expertnaire

Expertnaire is one of the best out of the top ten affiliate marketing site for Nigerians, it is a Nigerian owned affiliate marketing site courtesy of Toyin Omotoso the CEO.

  Expertnaire registration fee is 10,000 naira and the affiliate commission is between 15 to 50% commission. Currently, expertnaire is the most talked-about affiliate program out of  the top 10 affiliate marketing site for Nigerians  which I have mentioned above.

This is because of the 72Ig course with so much value created by the CEO of expertnaire.

10 best-selling expertnaire product 2022

The best product to promote and make commissions are new product which marketers are not paying attention to if you can promote this especially if you are a beginner you will meet success in no time.

here are the top 10 best selling product to jump into now

1: 72Ig with 1-year free expertnaire account

2: Permanent residence in Canada blueprint

3: Cryptocurrency wealth builder

4: Become a global sought after and high paid website designer

5: High paid freelancer premium program

6: Auto money back

7: Ultimate move to Canada with low IELO

8: 10× ecommerce blueprint

9: 80 book pay method

10: Sport betting affiliate commission machine

10 best free traffic sources for affiliate marketing

As an affiliate marketer, you need a traffic source where you can promote your product and make some sales, this sources could be a social media handle / page or an email list,

so I am going to be sharing a free traffic sources for affiliate marketing

1: Tiktok; this is a fast-rising social Media platform that allows people to create a video content all you only need to do as an affiliate marketer is try to get popular on the space get a lot of followers and drive them to your sales page

2 blog; start a blog and write articles or reviews then insert your affiliate link on your articles

3: Twitter; make a short tweet embedding your link on your tweets

4: Instagram; Instagram is a video / picture social Media platform you can use to get free traffic by building lot of fanbase

6: Pinterest; on Pinterest you can promote your affiliate link by pinning images and adding your link on the description

6: Forums example of forums are, nairaland, the Koji Agudah, you can drive traffic from this question and answer websites by asking and answering questions related to the affiliate product you are promoting and inserting your affiliate link

7: YouTube; all you need to do is make a simple video and on the description add your link to the affiliate product you are promoting so that when people watch your video and read your video description they can actually click on the link and make purchase

8: LinkedIn; although LinkedIn is a business profile platform you can actually use it to drive traffic

9: Email marketing; is one of the way to drive traffic the amazing part of this is that you can even this traffic by building an email list so that whenever you have a product to sell you can actually email your followers

10: WhatsApp; currently WhatsApp is one of the craziest way to drive traffic to your affiliate sales page by promoting your products on your status

I am a personal finance coach, who finds joy in helping business owners and just anyone to live a successful financial life.

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