What business can i start with 5k in Nigeria

What business can I start with 5k in Nigeria? With the current situation of things in Nigeria, getting a job is inarguably harder than splitting a rock with a blunt axe. A lot of youths are roaming the streets searching for jobs daily but poor leadership and a bad economy have denied even the graduates a job not even talking a good-paying job. What about starting up a business? Starting up a business requires capital and getting that capital isn’t just funny. But the good thing is with 5k you can start up a business in Nigeria, so what business can I start with 5k in Nigeria?

Honestly, there are tons of businesses you can start up with just 5k in Nigeria, while some can be very lucrative others may not, but will fetch you something reasonable till you find your ground. In this, we will discuss some of the businesses one can start with 5k here in Nigeria.

So What business can I start with 5k in Nigeria?

1. Liquid Soap

2. Sachet Water/ Can of water

3. Cookies (meat pie, buns, puff puff, cupcakes, etc )

4. Recharge card

5. London fairly used clothes (Okrika)

6. Bole ( beans and plantain)

7. Buying and reselling on Jiji or Olx

8. Fruit selling

  • Liquid Soap

Liquid soap is one of the best businesses ones can start with as little as 5k, and the business is very lucrative too If your marketing strategy is good.

To start with, you don’t have to buy from a store to resell, you can manufacture them yourself which will lessen the cost. And even if you have zero knowledge of how to make liquid soap, a Youtube guide will be the best teacher you will ever need.

Now after manufacturing your liquid soap, try talking to your neighbors, family members, and friends about your product, people use soap on daily basis so getting customers won’t be hard after all, and before you know it your business will expand when many people get to know what you do.

  • Sachet Water / Can of Water

Sachet water is one business that gives you 100% ROI, and of course, getting customers wouldn’t be hard at all, people drink water every day. Now a good marketing strategy is getting a deep cooler, buying ice block which is not always cost pour your sachet of water and can of water, and placing your ice blocks. Then you can use a wheel Barrow to hawk them around the market and business areas.

  • Cookies

This is yet another lucrative business that one can start with just 5k and might be having 100% ROI at the end of the day. All you just need to do is find a good spot, possibly around a market area, school, busy street, or business area.

You can be making local meat pie, puff puff, buns, mishap, doughnuts, egg rolls, etc. Truth is Nigerians consume lots of junk foods, especially during working hours and students prefer these junk foods to cook so with a good spot you will excel in the business.

  • Recharge card

Although this particular business may have to depend on the number of customers who come knocking at your door every day, the profit may not look rewarding but if you can get a lot of people to notice your business you will surely excel.

Although it may seem impossible to purchase all the different Nigeria networks and their different denomination with just 5k, MOMO has made it easier. You can just create your account, fund your wallet and begin to sell to all networks while you earn your commission.

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  • Okrika

Of course, clothing selling is a very lucrative business, but this time you don’t have to break a bank or rob a mansion to get a huge capital, with 5k you can start buying London fairly used clothes and resell them and the return on investment most times is mouth-watering. Just found a good spot around a market area or just on a busy roadside.

  • Bole

No doubt this food is becoming the king of foods in Nigeria, 98% of Nigerians prefer this to any other food and some even consume it every single day. That shows that selling out your bole won’t be a problem at all. You can just start up with let’s say a paint of beans (depending on how it is being measured in your area) which shouldn’t cost you up to 1k. Then get a bunch of plantain and other ingredients. Another thing to consider is a good location.

  • Buying and reselling online

Jiji.ng is a Nigerian online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers and provides a fair and legit trade between buyers and sellers. You can start by buying goods on the platform, you don’t need to look for customers Jiji will still bring customers to you.

  • Fruit Selling

Of course, you don’t have to wait till you can afford a basket of oranges, a basket of cherries, or a carton of Apple before you can start up your fruit business, instead of asking what business can I start with 5k in Nigeria, you can just use the 5k get fruits in small quantities. Setting your table on a busy roadside would be great, and the market would be a good place too.

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If you are asking what business can I start with 5k in Nigeria and you come across this post, hope it solves your question! And if you have anything to add or say you can comment in the comment box.

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